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The Pennsylvania School Bus Association is supported by many companies that provide services and products to the school bus transportation industry.  The next time you are in need, first check out the list of PSBA Associate Members.

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Upcoming Events

Safety Competition 
June 26 & 27, 2015
Mt. Nittany Middle School,
State College, PA

Annual Convention
June 28-30, 2015
The PennStater, State College, PA


Our partnership with BIR is about keeping you informed and connected on legislative matters. As you know, sometimes things have a tendency of changing quickly, for the most up-to-date information, visit the BIR blog by clicking the logo below.



About Pennsylvania School Bus Association

The Pennsylvania School Bus Association is a group of nearly 400 school bus contractors from across Pennsylvania who have come together to be a strong voice for school bus safety and the school bus contracting industry.

Our mission is to provide programs, education, and services to promote and foster the highest degree of safety in the transportation of school children and strengthen the quality of student transportation through professional management. PSBA works with many Pennsylvania organizations and government agencies to advance the mission and accomplish the goals of the membership.

We believe that gaining the respect and confidence of the students, parents, school administration, and members of the community provide the incentive to accomplish and maintain the highest degree of ethical conduct.

Alerts & Updates

PDE Releases Pupil Transportation Cost Index for 2015/16
Operation Year:  2015/16  -  PDE Cost Index:  5.525  -  CPI Change:  0.8%

PSBA helped pass legislation to exempt school buses, parts, and accessories from sales tax.

PSBA helped with the passage of the railroad crossing bill mandating that school buses must stop at railroad crossings.

PSBA was at the forefront in working with lawmakers to require criminal history checks of school bus drivers.


Specialized Insurance Coverages for Members of the Pennsylvania School Bus Association Include:

  • Broad Commercial Auto Coverage
  • PSBA Member Summer Layup Credit
  • Non-School Related Activities Coverage Available
  • Audio and Visual Equipment on Bus may qualify for free Coverage
  • Coverage for Corporal Punishment and Molestation
  • Workers Compensation
2015 PSBA Regional Meetings

The PSBA held its last two Regional Meetings
of the year on April 22nd and April 23rd. If you want to
see the great pictures from these events,click here
to view our photo gallery. See you next year!

Membership Services

PSBA offers two types of membership opportunities.

Regular (Contractor) Membership - Any private contractor, who contracts with School Districts for pupil transportation, is eligible for membership in the Pennsylvania School Bus Association. 

Associate (Business or Other) Membership - Any individual, partnership, corporation, or other business entity which engages in a business that services the school bus industry or which is affiliated with such services is eligible for membership in the Pennsylvania School Bus Association as an Associate Member.

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Board Of Directors & Committees

The property and business of the Pennsylvania School Bus Association is managed by its Board of Directors, who are Regular Members and in good standing of the association.


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